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RE: dhcp-client trying to configure `lo'(loopback)

Add the following line to the bottom of /etc/dhclient.conf...

interface "eth0" {}

Modifying the configuration file (/etc/dhclient.conf) is a much cleaner
solution than modifying the init-script (/etc/init.d/dhcp-client).



On 25-Jan-2000 Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> On 25-Jan-2000 Maciej Kalisiak wrote:
>> I've just recently switched from 'dhcpcd' to 'dhcp-client' (better
>> configuration, lots of docs).  I just installed the package, and edited
>> '/etc/dhclient.conf' to add a single option (I have to send a "host-name" to
>> the server).  I startup the client, and it configures 'eth0' properly.  But
>> I
>> look at my syslog and it appears that the dhcp-client is also trying
>> configure my loopback interface! 
>> Why is it doing such a brain-dead thing like that?  I had to edit
>> /etc/init.d/dhcp-client to add "eth0" to the invokation, but this is
>> probably
>> not the best solution.
> unless you tell it otherwise, it tries on ALL devices it can find. lo is a
> wee
> silly though.
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