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RE: Couple Questions

On 25-Jan-2000 Cameron Matheson wrote:
> Hey,
> I just have a few quick questions:
> 1.  Is it possible to switch resolutions while in X (I like using
> 640x480, but occasionally I need 800x600)?

control-alt-+ takes you up in res, - takes you down in res.  This works IF and
only IF you have more than one res defined.

> 2.  to use pon as a normal user, do I just use chmod?
add the user to the dialout and dip group

> 3.  would I be better off using the kernel source off the Debian 2.1
> Slink CD, or the source I downloaded
> (kernel-source-2.0.38_2.0.38-2_all.deb)?

there is no large difference between debian source and upstream.  The key
benefit is that it appears on a cd.

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