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dynamic IP's, IP masq and mail, can it be done?


I have a small network connected to the internet via a IP masq gateway, and would like to get mail working, but the above setup is a nightmare for mail it would seem.

is it even possible for mail to work in such a setup or am i wasting my time? I got the gateway machine to send mail, but my fake domain still shows up in various places, such as the message ID and a second From line. and in order to do that i had to setup a virtual table for all the local user accounts, otherwise when cron or something send mail to root it would go to root@alaska.net ...

I am using Postfix and have gone through pretty much all of the documentation on the web site and still don't have this all working very well, and it seems to be a very very messy setup.

should I just get a static IP and a real domain name or is there some way to make this work that is not too ugly?

(the way i got mail to work partially, was to disable dns lookups in postfix, which allows mail to get delivered within the fake network, and setting myorigin to alaska.net on the gateway and setting the vitual table to redirect root and such to localhost but other machines cannot send mail still. and the gateway i think does not send correct mail since it has all this fake crap in it...)

thanks for any advice..

Ethan Benson
To obtain my PGP key: http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/pgp/

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