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Re: fidogate resend

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul  <skin@smalltown.freeisp.co.uk> writes:

    Paul> Thanks for the help Brian and Colin, as you can see I`ve
    Paul> still got a lot of learning to do about Linux in general but
    Paul> I really want to get on fidonet. I`ve been given a point but
    Paul> I never realised that the software would be so difficult.

I found it rather difficult myself.

I don't think I will be able to help you much until I upgrade
to fidogate myself.

    Paul> This was a debian package. I tried to make a directory
    Paul> called /usr/sbin/innd and link it to /usr/lib/news/bin/innd
    Paul> with the command:

    Paul>     ln -s /usr/lib/news/bin/innd /user/sbin/innd

    Paul> In return for which I get:

    Paul>  ln: cannot create symbolic link `/user/sbin/innd' to
    Paul> `/usr/lib/news/bi n/innd': No such file or directory

Replace "user" with "usr" and it should work.

Consider filing a bug report against fidogate (if there isn't already
one), as it looks like the innd binary has moved, which confuses it.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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