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Re: fidogate resend

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul  <skin@smalltown.freeisp.co.uk> writes:

PS I apologize about my previous post. I accidently pushed C-c C-c in
xemacs (send) instead of C-c C-t (add address to To: field).

    Paul> I`ve sidestepped for the present, but now when running
    Paul> fidonetconfig it says "/usr/sbin/fidogateconfig: Please
    Paul> install innd!: command not found" Problem is i managed to
    Paul> install inn and ps aux shows innd as a running process(if
    Paul> that`s the right term):

I have never used fidogate, but have been told it is better then
ifgate which I am currently using. However, when I last tried to
install fidogate (IIRC potato version), the preinst and postinst
scripts were horrible, and wouldn't work properly unless you used
sendmail. I use Postfix...

I think you need to find out eactly what fidogateconfig
means when it gives that error. It might be something else
has gone wrong, and fidogateconfig is just displaying a generic
error message.

I doubt that fidonetconfig is looking for the inn binary, more likely,
it is looking for a copy of ctlinnd.

If fidogateconfig is a binary executable, I would try
strace -o/tmp/out -ff /usr/sbin/fidogateconfig

If it is a sh executable, I would try
sh -x /usr/sbin/fidogateconfig

I think you should be able to do something similar with perl to, but
not sure what the best way would be.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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