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Re: upgrading multiple machines to 2.1r4

 Cuando: vie, 14 de ene de 2000, a las 06:05:42 -0600
 Quien: Chris R. Martin
 Que: upgrading multiple machines to 2.1r4
> I'd like to upgrade a few networked machines to 2.1r4, and since I have 
> only a slow dialup connection to the net, I'd like to only download each 
> package I need once. However, I really don't have the space or time for a 
> full mirror. What would be the best way to make sure I can (re)use the 
> packages I've downloaded with dselect?

Sorry for my english. In the same case as you, what I've made was, apt-get
update ; apt-get dist-upgrade in the machine with the dial-up connection,
after this, with dpkg-scanpackages made a Packages file of the /var/cache/\
apt/archives and then add a line in the /etc/apt/sources.list of the rest
of the machines that points to the first. After this, apt-get update, 
apt-get dist-upgrade. Then, apt-get clean in the dial-up machine. 

That's all. 
Benjamín Albiñana Pérez
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