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Re: Possible to run RH program from Deb. on same HD?

xyf@inetnebr.com (ktb) wrote:
>I have both Debian and Redhat on the same HD.  I was wondering if it is
>possible to run programs that are on the Redhat side from Debian (while
>running Debian)?  I've mounted the Redhat side and tried, but I get,
>/mnt/rh/usr/local/sbin# /mnt/rh/usr/local/sbin/c
>bash: /mnt/rh/usr/local/sbin/c: Permission denied
>even as root.  'c' is a Perl script I wrote.  I've tried other programs
>and get the same denial of permission.

It sounds like you might have /mnt/rh mounted with the noexec option
set. This option happens to be implied by the user option (for security
reasons, I imagine); if you have "user" set for /mnt/rh in /etc/fstab,
change it to "user,exec" - or, for that matter, "user,exec,dev,suid" -
and things should work. Even better, don't mount with the user option at
all, just leave it at "defaults" and turn the automatic mounting at boot
field on.

Running Red Hat programs should be possible, but bear in mind that you
may have problems due to, among other things, (a) programs not being
able to find their configuration files, or (b) programs not being able
to load the right shared libraries. You may have to chroot to /mnt/rh
and run them inside that environment to get them to work.

Colin Watson                                           [cjw44@cam.ac.uk]

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