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Re: mutt ignoring [tags]

If you're using exim, you might try using the .forward file filtering built
into exim instead of trying to do it in mutt, if you're having trouble.  

For example, straight from the README on exim, I have this in my .forward
which puts all the Debian lists in their own folders...

if $h_x-mailing-list matches "^<debian-(.*)@lists\\\\.debian\\\\.org>"
 then seen save $home/Mail/debian-lists/$1 endif

I have other ones for other mailing lists, etc.  If I remember correctly, you
may have to turn this feature on in the latest exim package?  Don't remember.

Good luck!
On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 04:23:00PM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> I'm subscribed to a mailing list which causes mutt problems with
> threading. This is because:
> - lots of the users use dumb mailers which don't add In-Reply-To or
>   References headers, and
> - the list software adds a [TAG] to the start of the subject (and removes
>   it from any other position in the list).
> Since there's no proper threading info and the subjects have been
> multilated, mutt is unable to thread the list correctly.
> Is it possible to tell mutt to ignore the tag? I looked through the manual
> but I couldn't see it.
> I'm using exim's built in filters to sort my mail into folders. I developed
> a complicated system where exim pipes the incoming mail through a perl
> script to remove the tag and through the filter again to remove it,
> but it's a bit ugly.
> thanks
> Hamish
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