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Re: mysql_pconnect() function

--- Mario Olimpio de Menezes <mario@curiango.ipen.br>
> no! Is this some bug? All this stuff was working
> before I did an update in the server.

I do not think this is a bug -- Debian PHP3 package
has always been modular.  All "extra" stuff on top of
regular PHP is in separate packages like php3-mysql,
php3-pgsql, php3-cgi-gd, etc.

I had the similar problem sometime ago, and the reason
was that I needed to declare in my PHP script that I
want to use such and such module.

> there are some  mysql.so files in
> /usr/lib/php3/apache and
> /usr/lib/php3/cgi directories. They are from
> php3-mysql and php3-cgi-mysql
> packages, respectively.

Good, now the only thing remaining (provided this is
the reason) is...

> btw, where should I put the above line? Also, I
> couldn't find any line
> containing dl("otherdb.so") in all .inc files. Is
> this correct?

...to have the dl("some_mod.so") in the beginning of a
script that would be calling a function.  This may
also be a top-level php config script, or your
index.php3 file.  See also

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