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Newbie needs help :-)

Dear friends,

i am brandnew to Unix, and followed an advise, that debian is
the best unix-distribution to get. so i did. Erased this windows
things from my old computer and put debian on it :-)

But - ofcourse - problems appearing at once:
At the mo, my main-prob is, that kde says upon start, that
it cannot connct to xserver. hu ? under dselect there are
no conlict shown ... I know, there is so much too ask when
someone is new to unix, but maybe you can help me with
this question and the following:
Where can i find (despite the debian.org) informations for
newbies (mainly how to install and configure the system
correctly) ? Is it worth to buy a debian book? 

Ok, sorry for stupid questions,

with best regards,


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