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Re: How to set 'e2fsck' to run at boot?

On Thu, 6 Jan 2000 16:40:56    Nico De Ranter wrote:

>> At boot, there is a message about 'running e2fsck is recommended'
>> because the mounting of partitions happened too many times.
>> How can I set to run 'e2fsck' after a given number of days ?

>Normaly the filesystem will automaticaly be checked after a number
>of mounts. You shouldn't do anything yourself.  You'll notice
>when he starts checking the filesystem, it will take ages to boot :-)

The problem is: I did not notice the expected 'e2fsck' running,
however it should run (since 3 months). And there is the warning
message that fsck is needed.

Q. How can I set 'e2fsck' to run, whenever I want ?

(I know that one should not run fsck on a mounted partition,
so it's not that easy to run it...)

Mihaly Gyulai

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