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Re: Staroffice and gtop

you sure you did not read that incorrectly? lcdproc and gtop and virtualy
every other program gets its processing info from the same place, biggest
program ive seen is E, on a freshly installed SuSe 6.3 machine it
sometimes took over 220MB of memory.


On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Aaron Solochek wrote:

leko >I was checking gtop today to see how much memory was going to various
leko >things, and staroffice was reported as using 500+ megs.  Now, I did just
leko >upgrade to 512mb of ram, but I have like 200megs of other things in
leko >memory, so this didn't make much sense.   Also, LCDProc (A program to
leko >display system info to a LCD) reports 300 and some megs free.  So, whats
leko >going on here?  I find it hard to believe that staroffice uses that much
leko >memory.  Anyone else see this behaviour?
leko >
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