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Re: limiting directories in a virtual host

I have a global deny to all to / (Everywhere)

then i specifically have to allow each virtual host, make sure to disable
symlinks (or use symlinksifownermatch i think is the directive

i strongly sugest not putting any data in a directory that can be accessed
by the www server, that is important, i.e. htpasswd files and
important/secure directories.  if you want further directory-by-directory
security you can use .htaccess files to change permissions on-the-fly to


On Wed, 5 Jan 2000, Pere Camps wrote:

pere >Hi!
pere >
pere >	I've got many <Directory> directives in my main apache config.
pere >
pere >	Now I've got some VirtualHosts and I want them to be able to
pere >access what I want... that is, deny everthing and tell them what they can
pere >acces on a per VirtualHost basis.
pere >
pere >	I fond out that I had to make a "deny from all" for every
pere ><Directory> directive I had on my main config, as I haven't found a global
pere >"forget what you had before, from now on you deny everything except
pere >what I'll tell you on this virtual domain").
pere >
pere >	Has anybody solved this problem before? Thans for your help!
pere >
pere >ps: please reply directly to pere@casal.upc.es as I'm not subscribed to
pere >the list due to its high volume. Thanks.
pere >
pere >-- p.
pere >
pere >
pere >-- 
pere >Unsubscribe?  mail -s unsubscribe debian-user-request@lists.debian.org < /dev/null
pere >

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