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Re: pointer trails in X?

On  4 Jan, Shaul Karl wrote:
>> Is it possible via some configuration to get the mouse to have a trail
>> in X?  It makes it nice to spot the cursor after your eyes have lost
>> focus of it.
> (1) I am not sure but I believe that it is the WM business and that 
> Fvwm has an option to do it. (2) Isn't xeyes do just that?

Don't know about fvwm.. xeyes will look at the point where the cursor
is. Another cutesy little toy is 'oneko' which turn your root pointer
into a little mouse and creates a cat that chases the mouse when it
moves - might also be helpful in making the pointer easier to spot...
If you don't like cats it can be a dog and his bone too.

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