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Re: please help a newbie

On the sound card, it will be easier for someone to respond with helpful
information if you repost with the make/model of your sound card.
Someone else who has the same/similiar card will most likely respond
with plenty of help. In general, the kernel has to be configured and
compiled with sound support, and also with support of your specific

The dselect program is the traditional way of
displaying/installing/removing and generally managing the Debian
packages on your system. It works together very well with apt-get. To
see the listing of packages in dselect after running apt-get update:

1) run dselect as root
2) choose (A)ccess from the main menu and choose apt as the access
3) run (U)pdate from the main menu
4) choose (S)elect from the main menu to display all installed and
available packages 

By default, all installed packages that have upgrades available, will be
displayed at the top of the list in dselect. You can use "/" to search
for a particular package, and "\" to repeat the same search. 

Dselect can be confusing at first, so be sure to look over the help
screens ("?" brings up the help screen in Select mode). You can also
find a tutorial on dselect here:


I would definitely read that over first.


john smith wrote:
> Hello
>   1. I just installed a compatible soundcard and I want to know how to make
> debian recognise it.
>   2. I just recently installed a new browser netscape 407 but when I try to
> launch it in gnome nothing happens. I do not know whats wrong can somebody
> please help?
> 3. is there a command to see all available  packages that are available for
> install/upgrade in the debian ftp server after apt-get update?
> thank you very much.

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