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Re: Moving from RedHat to Debian

> I've been using RedHat for about eight months, but I'd like to switch 
> to Debian.  Is there any easy way to do this, or is it going to be a
> painful transition?  Also, what's the best way to go about installing
> Debian?  I have a fast connection, so I'm wondering if an ftp install
> is the way to go?  Any suggestions?

I have just done this and am very pleased with the transition so far.The installation is straightforward.( I do not have experience with an ftp installation )

I recommend installing from a bootable CD. Consider the boxed-CD set from http://www.valinux.com ( $20). 

This includes :

Learning Debian GNU/Linux Book: 368 pages, written by Bill McCarty and published by O'Reilly 

and,  Debian GNU/Linux QuickStart Guide: 36 pages, written by Kameran Kashani 

Read the installation guide and Release Notes for Slink at http://www.debian.org before you install.

It has kernel version 2.2.12 and XFree86, 3.3.4. I initially used "xf86config" to configure X , and then simply copied my "XF86Config" file that I used with Red Hat directly to " /etc/X11"

After installing the base system, I installed packages by selecting "tasks," ( you may choose a "profile" instead) and then installed additional applications, such as Netscape and KDE, using apt-get. I did not use "dselect" to select individual packages.After installation, you can remove packages you do not need with "dpkg." ( dpkg --purge "package" )Then you can upgrade your entire system using apt-get. Apt-get is an excellent application.

There are many differences between RH and Debian, but none substantial. This may be the subject of a " Red Hat to Debian : HOWTO "  :-)


Howard Mann.

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