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Re: Can one keep networks apart on a machine?

>>I kind of like the suggestion from a previous post that this ignorant net
>>admin of yours be brought to task over his administrative decisions. Isn't
>>his job ultimately to provide a network infrastructure that makes end-users
>>more productive?  Seems to me that his draconic "nothing but NT" stance runs
>>counter to this.  And this at an institute for higher learning and
>>enlightened thinking... what a shame.
>Well, I _am_ the original "instigator" of the bias, as I inadvertently
>brought the system to its knees with a kernel upgrade.  I can't (and don't
>try to) back out of that responsibility.  
>But I still feel that the problems they had tracking down Me as the culprit
>of the packet broadcasting issue indicates a flaw in their
>abilities/available tools to manage serious problems.  There was no general
>communication about the problem with the general college community at all,
>and I can't help but feel that I could have quickly isolated the problem (at
>least) by sequentially chopping off various parts of the LAN from one another
>(were I in his shoes).  (And Linux worked so WELL in the system, too.  Damn.)

You are right when you say that -they- should be able to manage such problems.
You are only a user that did something wrong, they should have informed you 
about the problem and asked you to correct it. Nothing more, nothing less...

>I shudder to think what would happen if a serious hacker went into the
>system.  (A local fellow was crackling at the sides as he told me about the
>state of their firewall.  But they may have tidied it up a bit since then.)
>But I may be all wet about that (I know nothing about LAN

If I was de sysadmin I would be worried that a simple problem as this would 
bring the LAN to its knees. I would try to fix the problem -and- do what you 
did all over again in a test setup to insure myself that the LAN can handle
the problem... 

Anyway, IMHO a sysadmin that fixes problems like this is not capable to 
administer a LAN and should be replaced.




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