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Re: SoundBlaster 16 PCI configuration?

If lspci lists the card as ES1371, this should be quite simple. I
believe all you need to do in the kernel config is to:

1) enable sound card support
2) enable support for the ES1371

Plug and play doesn't matter in this case, nor should it matter whether
you compile the driver into the kernel or as a module. I have an ES1370
card (Sound Blaster PCI64) and, for what it's worth, I compiled it into
the kernel.

For PCI cards you don't have to be concerned with specifying the IRQ,
DMA etc.

Good luck,

Dave Whiteley wrote:
> Seasons greetings to all...
> I am trying to configure Soundblaster 16 PCI cards to run in Dell Optiplex machines.
> If I use lspci it tells me that the card is an ensoniq es1371 device with address dcc0 and
> IRQ 11, but no other information
> I am trying to compile a kernel for this.
> Do I include PnP support?
> Do I configure for  the 1370 and/or 1371 drivers, or the Soundblaster drivers.
> If the Soundblaster, what values do I use for the DMAs, and the other IO addresses and
> IRQs
> Should I compile them into the kernel, or leave them as modules?
> I am trying to use the v2.2.1 kernel under slink.
> With the time I have spent messing with this, this cheap card is turning out to be *very*
> expensive.
> Thanks in advance for any help,
>  Dave Whiteley
> --

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