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disabling remount ro on errors

OK, I know I'm playing with fire here, but I'm backed into a corner.

On saturday, I leave for three weeks.  Immediately afteards, I fly to 
Boston for interviews that get set up during those weeks.  I *must* 
have email functioning on this account.

Yesterday was the first sunday in a month that my hardrive didn't 
switch to ro due to errors on the weekly cron run. The remount as ro 
both stops incoming mail, and makes it impossible to telnet in to fix 

I successfully installed onto a replacement drive, but for whatever 
reason, I can't get the network functioning--even after copying /etc 
and /lib from the old system (freebsd can't reach the network, either). 
 It's a tulip card, and we have a single incoming ip with switches 
rather than real subnets (ie, I talk directly to *.*.1.1 as my router).

If I edit out the "remount=ro" from /etc/fstab, and remove the weekly 
cron file, is my system likely to keep running?  I know I'm playing 
with fire, but the remount is catastrophic.

rick, beginning to panic

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