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Re: Mailing list headers [Was Re: ssh vs telnet - which is faster?]

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, aphro wrote:

> the guy is too picky,
  that guy is me.

  my .signature has that info - i leave it on when i make posts to all
lists that i am subscribed to.  i still dont understand whats picky about

> if somene asks for help they should take it in any
> form it comes in, getting 1 or 2 extra mails is not a big deal,

  true , but if there was an option whereby i could avoid getting multiple
copies , but just get single copies , wont it be simpler for me / you /
anyone else ?
  whats the big idea in purposefully getting multiple copies ?

>takes just an extra minute of time to filter
> and delete the duplicates.

  it takes lesser time if the person that was replying hit "reply" instead
of "reply all" . saves bandwidth/time/energy on the part of the

> if i replied to a message like that I would go out of my way to
> CC: because those CAPS are more annoying then any cc:.


  *only* the "don't bother cc-ing" was in caps because if it isnt in caps
,it doesnt get people's attention - if you go back and read the email that
i posted , there isnt *anything* else in caps. i *do* understand its
"rude" and equivalent to "shouting" online , but you have to understand
that making a request isnt something to scream at.
   the *very* last 2 lines had that in caps , you could just ignore that ,
or read it and do what it says , but why read it , not answer the real
question(s) in the mail , and go out of the way to write that the guy that
posted it was picky. all that was achieved in your actually taking time to
write out an entire email was end up annoying me. it might be of no
consequence to you , but as far as *I* am concerned , if *you* are allowed
to make judgements on other people's characters when you dont know
anything about them , *I* am allowed to write 2 lines in post script of an
email that i posted in ALL-CAPS. 

  my statement went only like "Please dont bother cc-ing to my address
because i'm subscribed to so-and-so ..." ... and yes it *WAS* in caps ...
and if *that* is being rude/haughty , i have no words to say.

  let me re-affirm that it was *not* an attempt at being rude /etc but
just the frustration of handling about 450 emails a day and getting
multiple copies of the same thing isnt exactly the nicest thing to happen.

  my apologies if i went out of the way to annoy anyone. they were



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