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Anyone using Mustek 1200ED Scanner with linux?

I would like to here from anyone using a Mustek 1200ED scanner with
Linux. It works beautifully with Windows, but my productions system is
Linux and I want to get it working there. 
Hardware setup is:
extra parrallel ports added via a SIIG 2 PCI dual port card. I think the
linux system recognizes them as ttyS1 and ttyS2 I am certain that ttyS0
is the serial com port. It also recognizes lpt0, the onboard parrallel
port, as parport0 because of the kernel config. My scanner is plugged
into this SIIG2 card on ttyS0. The Lexmark printer is attached to the
scanner. This is the correct setup for windows. Any suggestions for
getting this working correctly are appreciated
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