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Re: Why

I agree BIOS is ten no a hundred times better thean OF, half the time with
OF you are lucky to get a screen to see what you are doing. Anything was
better than that, even bootX, but I wasn't aware of the problems in bootX

> > I agree there
> >are a few bugs in the installation the /dev/cdrom being one that i came
> >accross, but they are easy to fix, and i have heard that they have fixed
> >most of those problems in the Q3 release.
> ah you must not have seen R5 :-) buggery buggery bug! Panic goes the kernel :P
I am using R5 right now on my box at home. No seg faults (except in some
crappy c programs i have written).

> aherm well, this blue G3 i try to get GNU/Linux on is a fairly large 
> chunk of Linux hostile hardware...  (ATI cards anyone?) so no you 
> don't have to deal with finding compatible hardware your just stuck 
> with the nice incompatible stuff you get :-)
If you want to try that blue G3 again there are now drivers for it.
> not to pick, but what does installing on a RAID system have to do 
> with i386 being hard?  RAID on any archetecture is going to be a 
> general pain in the arse.
Okay RAID would be a bitch on anysystem, although Red Hat i believe makes
it nice and easy. I imagine it would be a total pain on linuxppc, same
pain as on debian.
> one thing that really annoys me is I cannot go to kernel.org and get 
> the latest kernel tarball, make config ; make dep ; make clean ; make 
> <whatever> ; install and have it work on a PPC like you can on most 
> other archs...

i've never tried it with my linux ppc box, but i never though that would
be a problem, i'm looking at the kernel source right now and here is ppc,
mabye someday when i have the time, I'll get around to compiling my own
kernel for my linuxppc box at home.

Anyways after using Debian/Linuxppc/Mandrake/WinXX(super yuck)/MacOs on my
boxes at home, it was my experience that Linuxppc was the easiest to
install (besides MacOS). As for the Debian/Mandrake install on the i386,
well i can't get X to run at all either because my supper crappy video
card is not supported. I'v installed debian on many many machines at
work and none of them have been as simple as linuxppc, but i have
installed linuxppc on only one box, so i stand by my point that
linuxppc is easy to install *only* on an 8600 maby other too. and IMO the
biggest pain in the ass OS to install is WinNT. Whenever the installer
died, it never told me why, just kept on dying.

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