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Re: Trying to install X-windows

csager said:
> I get so many error messages that scroll by my screen so
> fast that I don't know what all the problems are.
> Is there a way to get all of the error message into a file
> so that I can make a reasonable attempt at solving my
> problem? Or possibly a way to step through the errors so
> that I can at least write them down? 

1)  Shift-PgUp/PgDn will (usually) let you scroll through the text that's
been displayed in a console or xterm after the fact.  This is limited by
buffer size, though, so you might lose some.  But it doesn't require any
advance preparation.

2)  Use 

startx 2> somefile 

to redirect all error messages to somefile if you're expecting a lot of them.
(This works for any command, too, not just startx.)

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