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Re: How to disable xdm

Svante Signell said:
> If I want
> to start in text mode and move to X by startx, is it sufficient to
> remove the scripts at the corresponding runlevel?  (Runlevel 2?)

Yep.  Or you can mv them from SnnDaemonName to snnDaemonName (e.g., mv S98xdm
s98xdm), which keeps the link there, but disables it.

If you want to remove it from all runlevels, check out man update-rc.d for
the quick and easy way to do it.

> What about using  gdm/kdm instead of xdm?

If you're asking whether they can be disabled in the same way, yes, this
applies to everything in the rc.n directories.  If you mean you want to use
[^x]dm instead, then you may as well do as the other poster suggested and
just remove xdm.  (No point in having it there if you're not going to use

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