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Considering PAM [Was: How can I change a password from a script?]

On Fri, Dec 03, 1999 at 04:55:27PM -0500, Joe Block wrote:

> > Now we have shadow passwords, MD5 hashes, NIS, LDAP, PAM... wow!  It's
> > fantastic, but I need something that knows how to change passwords on my
> > system, because I don't.
> Check out chpasswd - you can pass it a list of username:newpassword
> pairs.

Does it integrate well with PAM?  I would not want to have to drop it because I
learned to use PAM and changed the password database to something different
than passwd.

Yesterday evening I also had a look at PAM and it seemed not possible to me to
change password with it in a non-interactive way, and I also had the impression
it is not possible to use web pages to allow a user to change password, since
PAM chatting can't span different CGI requests.

The telnet link, however is a good idea I wasn't thinking about, though I would
like to present to users something more attractive than a monochrome terminal
window with english messages.  Changing the shell to /usr/bin/passwd, would
also require them to type their old password twice, which is a burden it would
be hard for me to explain to them.

Thank you!

				Read you soon! Enrico

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