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Re: [off-topic] MS Outlook

Friday, December 03, 1999, 11:17:50 AM, Paul wrote:
> Ultimately, they are getting off their butts again and the next gen looks
> really good.  My point:  Had they not had such a death grip on the market,
> they would have lost serious market share when the other cards caught up/out
> paced them.

> My final analysis.  The only good standard is an open standard.  Any company
> offering a closed standard or subverting an existing standard is not your
> friend.  Due to explosive market pressure, 3DFX is getting much better.

    Even with the Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 around the corner the only thing that is
replacing my Viper V550 will be a GeForce256[1] with dual RAM, preferably one
from Diamond if they will make it.  If not, then from ASUS or Creative.  I
don't care if the Voodoo4/5 does outpace the GeForce, 3dfx just isn't a
company I want to support.

[1] Of course people could point out that there is always the Viper V770
Ultra with TNT2, but I figure if I'm going to make the leap to a new card (and
from PCI to AGP at that) I might as well hold out since the GeForce is right
around the corner.

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