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Re: [off-topic] MS Outlook

Paul McHale wrote:
> Brian,
> > How do you configure MS-Outlook to add the "References" header, so
> > that threads will work properly? Or is this a "feature" of a newer
> > version of outlook that wasn't in earlier versions?
> >
> > While I don't use outlook myself, I find it annoying to receive
> > messages from people who do use it, when it doesn't add the
> > "References" header. Especially when using Gnus, which makes it
> > possible to instantly retrieve the parent article by pressing ^.
> >
> I am not sure there is a way to configure it in Outlook98, which is the
> specific version I have.  The RE: has always worked for me.  I do know there
> were significant changes from Outlook97 to Outlook98.  You suggestion may be
> one of them.
I just checked out Outlook98, by sending and replying to messages to
myself, and apparently it does not provide "References" headers.  It
does do threading of a sort, apparently by the subject line (with RE:). 
Actually, NS Messenger will thread this way too, when no "References"
header is available.  Outlook98, as well as not providing "References",
also ignores "References": I can send a reply from NS Messenger, which
provides the Reference header, with a different subject line, and
Outlook does not recognize it as belonging to the same thread (well, MS
calls it "Conversation").
You could make an argument that threading by subject only is OK, since
when subject lines are changed, that often means the writer is wanting
to start a new thread; under Netscape, with no direct access to headers,
he could not do it.  Under Pine, etc., I guess you can.

It is certainly inexcusable for Outlook to ignore References, as well as
not give any option for providing them.  MS is the only company I know
of that wants their stuff to not interoperate with others'.  But NS
should at least give you a "Terminate Thread" option on reply that would
clear out the Reference headers.

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