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Re: WHAT THE F**K!!! (Was: Re: Looking for right ISP)

Thursday, December 02, 1999, 2:03:33 PM, Adam wrote:
> In one standard (I don't know which), = is a special character used for
> end-of-line and otherwise as an escape character


> But you're right, Outlook can be made to send in plain text, and your (Paul)
> emails have been good about this.

    I disagree considering the email that I replied to of Paul's was HTML.

> Many other clients seem to have adopted this as well. (Actually, I'm not
> sure whether NS started this, it's so widespread that it's probably not just
> NS-originated.)

    I'd toss that back on the unix clients, maybe even Pine considering it
handles both email and newsgroups and References is definitely part of the

>> Quoting the wrong way.  Feel free to expand on this one ...

> I'm not sure what this is referring to.

    Adam is quoting the right way.  I am quoting the right way.  Paul and
Daniel were replying with everything at the end.  That is the wrong way.

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