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[off-topic] MS Outlook

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad  <lists@anomie.dhis.net> writes:

    Brad> On Thu, Dec 02, 1999 at 05:11:37AM -0500, Paul McHale wrote:
    >>  I agree that I am using MS Outlook.  I think it is the best
    >> As far as breaking the thread, what are refering to?

    Brad> Mutt has support for threads. That means that replies are
    Brad> placed beneath the parent message, according to the
    Brad> In-Reply-To and References headers.

Paul's message didn't break the thread for me, either.

Often when I see a reply from MS Outlook, it doesn't have the correct
"References" header. Paul's message does. I assume Paul didn't use
anything fancy like a news-to-mail gateway...

How do you configure MS-Outlook to add the "References" header, so
that threads will work properly? Or is this a "feature" of a newer
version of outlook that wasn't in earlier versions?

While I don't use outlook myself, I find it annoying to receive
messages from people who do use it, when it doesn't add the
"References" header. Especially when using Gnus, which makes it
possible to instantly retrieve the parent article by pressing ^.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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