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Re: Modem Setup

Sounds like a winmodem :( 
but it might not be, 28.8 winmodems were kinda rare, if you go into win95 and get the results of the ATI comands from the modem control pannel I could tell you for sure.


>>> "Sledge, Dennis" <dennis.sledge@saftamerica.com> 12/02/99 06:58AM >>>
Can someone provide a little help to a novice Linux User?

I have installed the Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 on a Pentium 120, 80MB RAM, 2GB
machine. The computer is an IBM Aptiva with an integrated
sound/modem/fax/voice card. (Don't give me that funny look, my brother gave
it to me.) I have Windows 95 installed on it also. I would like to get my
internet service running. I have tried to install the modem in Linux without
success. The modem is a 28K baud. Windows tells me that the modem is
installed on COM 1. Whenever I setup Linux with the necessary parameters
(/ttys0, Xon/Xoff, etc.) Linux tells me that the modem is busy. 

BTW: The modem works fine in Windows.

Is it possible that I have the dreaded WinModem?!? How can I find out? Is a
driver available to use a WinModem? Why is the cold water faucet always on
the right?

I would appreciate any help that you could give me.


Dennis Sledge
SAFT America
 <<Sledge, Dennis.vcf>> 

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