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proftpd doesn't allow users to log in

	I have installed proftpd, and I have a slight problem. It's running
as a standalone server, and it works fine with two users I created "by
hand". However, if I create users with pdadduser and use  the expect script
mkpasswd (in /usr/doc/expect???/examples :D), the users can login through
telnet, but not through ftp. The passwords are 7 or 8 characters in length,
so that should not be a problem. The configuration of proftpd just makes
sure the users are tucked away in a www directory inside their $HOME. This
directory is accesible by the user. syslog doesn't record anything, only
that I closed the session down.

	Can anyone shed some light on this?
Jose L Gomez Dans			PhD student
					Radar & Communications Group
					Department of Electronic Engineering
					University of Sheffield UK

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