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Re: disk error at scheduled time

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 09:33:51AM -0200, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:
> On 1 Dec 1999, Martyn Pearce wrote:
> > 
> > Mario Olimpio de Menezes writes:
> > | 	I forgot to say that I already did this: went to single mode (init
> > | 1), then ran: mount -t ext2 -r -o remount,ro /dev/sdaX /mount-point
> > | 	Then, e2fsck -c /dev/sdaX
> > | 
> > | 	Well, no badblocks, no problem at all in the whole disk.
> > | 	Where/what should I look for now?
> > 
> > Interesting.  Where is this box located?  If at home, does your heating
> > switch on shortly before this time?  Anything on the same power supply
> > kicking in?  Is the machine permanently networked --- if so, is there
> > some network process occuring?
> Yes, it's interesting. 
> The box is at work (here). I think the hardware (fan cooler, power supply,
> etc) is OK. This is a new machine (arrived last friday Nov 26th). 
> Yes, the machine is permanently networked but I can't say which other
> processes are running at that exact time.
> My main surprise is that under a high load -- lot of disk access, lot of
> memory usage, lot cpu usage, the machine didn't present any kind of error.
> I have no idea what is happening here!

Isn't 6:25 the time when cron.daily is run?  It is on my box, anyway.  I don't
know what about that could cause the disk errors, but that's the first thing I
thought of when I read your original message.  Perhaps you could manually run
each script that cron.daily runs.



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