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Re: what happened to netstd?

On Thu, Nov 25, 1999 at 03:31:46PM -0800, George Bonser wrote:
> Tell me about it. I had to go all over the place stamping out things like
> rwhod, rsh-server, rthisd and rthatd.

i didn't have any trouble with this. dselect told me it was going to
install all kinds of rpackages, so i put netstd on hold until i got
around to making myself a fake package to fix it.

> That netstd package is a major security problem. I fail to see why it
> installs all that crap on installation OR on removal. I can understand a
> metapackage installing a bunch of things but 1. It should be clearly
> spelled out in the package description what new daemons have been added to
> the meta package and 2. that REMOVING the package will cause a bunch of
> stuff to be installed anyway.

It installs all those rpackages because the old netstd package included
all those. The maintainer decided to split netstd into components for
each daemon, so we CAN remove the rpackages without removing every other
standard daemon.

Nothing was added to netstd, it's just that netstd went from being a
package containing those rservices to a metapackage depending on the
packages providing those same rservices.

netstd won't install anything on removal, AFAIK. However, once its
dependancies are marked for install, just removing netstd won't mark
those for removal.

> r services should, in my personal opinion,  never be part of a
> meta-package unless the meta package clearly shows this in its name ...
> something like rservices-std would be acceptable.

If you look in slink, you'll see that all rservices are in the netstd
_package_. Potato's netstd metapackage does nothing but depend on the
packages containing the programs the netstd package used to contain.

For now, the best solution is to install a fake package that provides
netstd, and remove the netstd package itself. If you felt like it, you
could download the sources for diald, correct the dependancy, and
recompile. Someone has already filed a bug report against diald, so
hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

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