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Re: what happened to netstd?

I will have to put fake packages in for most of these and see if that stops
the error messages.  It seems to be working.


On 25-Nov-1999 George Bonser wrote:
> Tell me about it. I had to go all over the place stamping out things like
> rwhod, rsh-server, rthisd and rthatd.
> That netstd package is a major security problem. I fail to see why it
> installs all that crap on installation OR on removal. I can understand a
> metapackage installing a bunch of things but 1. It should be clearly
> spelled out in the package description what new daemons have been added to
> the meta package and 2. that REMOVING the package will cause a bunch of
> stuff to be installed anyway.
> r services should, in my personal opinion,  never be part of a
> meta-package unless the meta package clearly shows this in its name ...
> something like rservices-std would be acceptable.
> On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Pollywog wrote:
>> Dselect suggested the netstd package be removed, so I did this and it broke
>> my
>> system by removing diald.  I reinstalled diald and with it came other
>> packages
>> containing "r" services, which I do not want.  One of them, rsh-client, has
>> a
>> dependency problem and cannot be installed.  I don't even want it, but
>> apt-get
>> wants to force it on me anyway.  What is going on here (potato)?
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