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Re: Compiling Mesa for Voodoo2

Cyrus Patel wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm trying to compile Mesa3.0 under potato. The readme file says:
> - You'll need the Glide library and headers.  Mesa expects:
>          /usr/local/glide/include/*.h        // all the Glide headers
>          /usr/local/glide/lib/libglide2x.so
> I downloaded the driver - Device3Dfx-2.3-1.src.rpm and the glide stuff -
> Glide_V2-2.53-1.i386.glibc.rpm.
> I used alien to convert the files and I could find the file libglide2x.so
> but I couldn't find any *.h files. When I try to compile Mesa it complains
> about not finding glide.h.
> Does anyone know where I can get the glide header files?
> Thanks
> Cyrus
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Check out


It's aimed at the voodoo 3 but all you need to change for V2 is the files downloaded.

It got my V2 going.


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