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Re: good book to learn perl

> I have "Perl Cookbook" ISBN 1-56592-243-3. Here is the blurb on the back
> cover: 

i would tend to recommend the oreilly "learning perl" for a novice.  just
read a chapter a night and do the excercises and in a week you should no
90% of the perl you're likely to  need.  if you need more after that the
perl cookbook or the camel book should do you fine as a reference.

> Try bn.com as well as Amazon: their prices vary.

better yet try www.dealpilot.com.  you put in the book you want, and where
you live and it goes and queries all the major online sellers and tells
you who's the cheapest (including shipping which is useful when you live
in alaska :-) and how long it'll take each company to actually deliver

it's a cool service.


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