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Re: good book to learn perl

I have "Perl Cookbook" ISBN 1-56592-243-3. Here is the blurb on the
back cover:

"Precious few books can meet the needs of novices and experts
simultaneously. The Perl Cookbook does, and on nearly every page.
It has the perfect mix of instruction, revelation, and attitude-
exacly what I expected from Tom and Nat, pillars of the Perl
community."  - Jon Orwant, editor of The Perl Journal.

Try bn.com as well as Amazon: their prices vary.

Ian Stirling

aphro wrote:
> can anyone reccomend a good book so i can start the task of learning perl
> ? :)
> saw a few on amazon ..not a whole lot of reader reviews of them tho
> i have virtually no programming experience, although i have managed to
> hack some perl scripts up at times.
> thanks!
> nate

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