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RE: Latest licq packages seems broken

On 17-Nov-1999 Christian Dysthe wrote:
> Yes, I did read the upgrade file. Either licq itself or the plug-in
> package must have been broken because after I went to Incoming and got
> the 0.7.1-2 packages everything works fine again. 
> I guess these two packages will be among todays upgrades on potato so
> others with this problem wil only have one icq free day.

Whenever I upgrade (I use the development versions), I make a backup copy of
the licq binary and the plugin, so if a subsequent upgrade fails to work, I
can go back to a version which works.

I am a KDE user, so I have more than one QT installed.  The latest Licq will
not work with QT 1.44 even after being compiled against QT 2.0.2, so I am
probably stuck until KDE can use QT 2.x.


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