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RE: SOLVED - Re: IP Alias and Slink - ARGH!

On 12-Nov-1999 Damon Muller wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Thanks to those who responded promptly to my pathetic cries for help with an
> IP aliasing problem. I have finally found the culprit.
> The ipmasq package obviously sets up some ipchains rules that prevent any
> connections to IP aliases. I'd installed the package (not sure why), and of
> course it runs the ipmasq script in /etc/rcS.d, every time the system boots.
> I'm not an ipchains expert, so I couldn't work out where these DENY rules
> were coming from.
> Anyway, I used update-rc.d to remove the links, rebooted (anyone know of a
> way to clear all the ipchains rules without rebooting?), and now it all
> seems to work (fingers crossed!).

ipchains -F    will do it.


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