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Re: PPP to ISP -Freeserve UK == cack

Stephen.Murphy@aspex.co.uk wrote:
> My Debian box is now connected - and surprise, surprise , there was
> nothing wrong with it. 
> The problem was with Freeserve (UK) - who don't seem to accomodate
> Linux at all. Couldn't ping, nslookup didn't work, mozilla didn't
> work. Only question is how Micro$oft crap works on it.

Huh? I never, ever had any problem connecting to Freeserve using Debian
Linux. For starters, running pppconfig will create a perfect connection
using PAP. You can easily use a script-based login too. Freeserve aheres
to the normal 'ogin:' 'sword:' format like most other IPs as well as
allowing perefctly standard PAP. I don't understand why you say they
don't accomodate Linux.


Phillip Deackes
Debian Linux (Potato) 

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