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Slow local connections (Slink)

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Hi, I'm experience a very weird networking 
problem with my two Debian Slink machines.

They're both installed "Basic", except for 
the "server", which has bind, telnetd, proftpd, 
samba, apache, and nfs-server installed.

The two machines are connected via bnc-cables, 
and there haven't been any problems with the NICs 
and the network prior to this (They used to run 

Pings are going through fine, and nslookups are 
snap. httpd is fast too. But when I try to use 
telnet,ftp,nfs, or smb, the client-program 
stalls. Sometime I do get a telnet connection 
throught though - after 3-4 minutes that is. nfs 
exits with RPC: timeout

What could possibly be the problem?

Yours faithfully
Ulrik Buchholtz

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