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Re: upgrading libraries

> I want to start upgrading hamm --> slink !! Too late ??
> hope not 
> Anyway I dont want to do this all in one round? Any 
> suggestions? Should I do it step by step or all in
> once?? 
> The problem is I'm connecting via modem, so it will take 
> until Y2K until I get all those new packages.

Try apt-get from the stable branch.
After installing it, run apt-get update and then apt-get -s dist-upgrade so 
that you will be able to see in what order apt would do it.

I would it few packages at a time so that things will be under control.

> I know that upgrading those libraries is a major pain,
> from previous readings of the user-list. So how do
> I decide which library to upgrade, and in what order?
> Any suggestions are appreciated, god bless!

Perhaps it might be better to order slink CDs ?

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