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Re: upgrading libraries

"Fethi A. Okyar" wrote:

> I want to start upgrading hamm --> slink
> The problem is I'm connecting via modem, so it will take 
> until Y2K until I get all those new packages.

It'sd not that long, but you can buy a Slink CD cheaply.
> I know that upgrading those libraries is a major pain,
> from previous readings of the user-list. So how do
> I decide which library to upgrade, and in what order?

The Slink CD has an early version of apt-get compiled for hamm.
You install that first and follow the upgrade steps, which go
something like:

 1- dpkg -i apt*deb
 2- edit /etc/apt/sources.list
 3- apt-get update
 4- apt-get dist-upgrade


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