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PPP - almost there, but stuck on routing table :(


I have recently aquired a PPP-based ISP, in hopes to get linux
network connectivity.  I have been working with the PPP howto, and
got PPP somewhat working.

I am stuck at the point where a "route -n" only shows ONE ppp0
connection, where the howto says it should show TWO.  I am able
to ping the IP address of the remote machine OK.  I am not able
to do anything else though.  No default route "stuff" shows up, and
I'm wondering if the debian distribution sets up something that I
must change.

I am using a PCMCIA-based modem, connecting manually through minicom
and specifying my username and password.  I then quit minicom leaving
the modem connected, and run "pppd -d -detach /dev/ttyS2 57600".

When I ran "pppconfig" it put the 2 DNS server numbers in OK, but
according to the howto, there should be a "domain ISP_DOMAIN_NAME"
line before them, and I don't know the name, or if it is needed.

I can post more info,, but I do not know where to start.

Anyone have any clues as to why the default route is not setup?



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