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Re: SMTP with password on Pine?

Uurcus the Swale (uurcus@yahoo.com) wrote:

> Does Pine work with SMTP servers that require login/password?

That is not SMTP.  First, find out what protocol it's really using
(some proprietary extension to SMTP, perhaps?).

Normally, pine does not communicate via SMTP at all.  It should be
invoking a local MTA (e.g., /usr/sbin/sendmail) to perform the SMTP
mail delivery.  So whatever messed-up protocol your "SMTP server" is
actually speaking, make sure your local MTA speaks it.

Or just bypass your service provider's "SMTP server" altogether.
Your copy of exim, sendmail or whatever should be capable of delivering
mail to its final destination.  (The drawback is that if a message can't
be delivered immediately, it will sit in a queue on your local system.
If you're not permanently connected to the Internet, you would have to
account for this -- there are several methods.)

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