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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Thu, 28 Oct, 1999 à 02:42:18PM +0200, searchen@freemail.nl wrote:
> I own a Compaq Qvision videocard and I would like to know which accelerated server I can use, so I can get a bet colordepth than 8 bit and a better resolution than 640x480 (my monitor can handle that).
> I always boot my kernel from a floppy (because somehow lilo isn't installed correctly, gives a 1AF: (anybody know how I can solve that??)) and I would like to know how I can give boot parameters, I need to be able to send boot parameters to get my extern SCSI CD-rom working. I'm using the 2.2.10 kernel and Debian 2.1
Yes : hit 1 and you'll get lilo (wich is installed in /dev/hda1). This is the prompt of mbr.

BTW does *anybody* still use mbr ? I think it's time to remove the recommends dependency of
lilo to mbr or at least to change it to suggest...

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