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Re: Unidentified subject!

searchen@freemail.nl (searchen@freemail.nl) wrote:

> I own a Compaq Qvision videocard

That's unfortunate.

> and I would like to know which accelerated server I can use, so I can get a bet colordepth than 8 bit and a better resolution than 640x480 (my monitor can handle that).

You actually got the VGA16 X server to work?  I couldn't even get *that*!

I was stuck with a Compaq QVision 1280 video card at work for a while.
I ended up buying the Xi Graphics Accelerated X Server, which worked
for me.  It's a bit expensive, though (US $100), and it's quite non-free
(in the free speech, DFSG sense); you'd be better off buying a better
graphics card if that's at all possible -- you'd not only save money,
but you'd get better performance.

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