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Re: just curious about Debian vs Redhat

On 26-Oct-1999, clread@mindspring.com <clread@mindspring.com> wrote:
> I've used both Debian (at home) and Redhat (at work).
> Both have reasonable tools for managing software (dpkg for Debian, rpm for Redhat).
> I've also done upgrades for both Debian and Redhat.
> The upgrade I did for Debian took several nights and a few e-mails.
> The upgrade for Redhat took about 20 minutes (no joke).
> What is Debian's thrust?  Why is it better than Redhat?

>From my limited experience, the advantages of Debian are
    * lots of binary packages which are integrated into the Debian
    * apt (the tool to keep your distribution up to date), it is by far
      the best part of Debian.  The best bit about it is its ability to
      get packages from multiple sources and always pick up the latest
The other difference is Debian is a volunteer project (so things get
finished when they are finished) and Redhat is commercial (with the
pressure to get things out possibly prematurely).  In other words Redhat
is unstable and Debian is out of date.


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