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x windows

I have been trying to get x windows up and running but have problems. I
installed x during dselect, I have a color monitor. It seems as though
the distribution I got at the Linux World Expo in San Jose may have a
problem(comes from Linux Central). Seems as though I don't have a config
file. I have tried everything told to me, and what I have read. I cannot
startx because of config file. I have read in one book that I might have
to build my own config file if it isn't part of the distro. Need help
trying to figure this one out. I have all the xserver stuff and
XF86Setup but no config. I have a diamond stealth 3D2000 graphics card
and a S3-Virge/onBoard N1C3BD chip set. Do I need to download this from
the net or should I look for it on the cd. Do I need to re-install x or
should I configure.
NOTE: The first line in etc/X11/Xserver reads: /usr/bin/X11/XF86_VGA16
Console....It then says this is the "full path name of default
Xserver-root only". I have 256 color and would like to use it. TIA. Ray

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