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Re: Sun goes fully open source!

> On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Oki DZ wrote:
> > Ben Collins wrote:
> > > Not being able to distribute your changes, is not free speech. It's crap and they
> > > are only hoping to capitalize on the hardwork of others without giving them
> > > anything truly worthwhile in return.
> > 
> > Hi, what about a free office suite? It's somekind of a return, isn't it?
> > (http://www.sun.com/staroffice/).
> Unless they changed the license recently, this (stareoffice) is only free
> in the monetary sense, not the freedom sense.
> I'd rather use Vim.

So would I, and many others here, but you still need a good word
processor, and StarOffice provides that.  Go and tell any company you
will install them Debian, and they should write their documents with
Vim, either in plain text... or a secretary to write a simple letter in 
TeX/LaTeX with Vim... no way!

BTW, StarOffice debianization with alien (from .rpm) went smooth but,
aren't there any native .deb package around?


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